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DevCon 99

Here are the materials from my presentation at the 1999 TopSpeed Developer's Conference. In the process of reviewing this, I realized that the information is ten years old. Some of it is signficantly dated, but some is still quite relevant. Ten years later, I still use Catalyst SocketTools for direct access (SMTP and SFTP, most recently) from Clarion programs.

DevCon Presentation and Example Programs

PowerPoint Presentation
The PowerPoint presentation in PDF format.
CWIC Wizarded Application
This is the application that I created during the presentation. This application is a wizarded CW application. During the presentation I added Internet Connect and an email procedure using Catalyst.

If you delete the global map embed and the “send email” procedure, this application will run without SocketTools.

Internet Connect Guestbook
This is a guestbook written in Internet Connect. The application was built by hand to provide a very basic guestbook with a minimum (about ten minutes) of effort.
Internet Framework Templates Guestbook
This is a guestbook written using the Internet Framework Templates. It was my first attempt at an IFT program and is a little buggy, but it gives you an opportunity to see the program run and look at the embedded code I added.

Note that this program does not unload properly. I did something when building the application and haven't had a chance to go back and find out what I did wrong. If you compile and run the application, you will need to manually kill the application after you shut it down.

Proprietary Communication Protocol
This is a pair (server and client) of hand-coded applications that demonstrate inter-application communication across a TCP/IP connection. The program uses a proprietary (translation: one that I made up myself) protocol to pass a number and a string value.

Additional Resources

These files are additional examples that were not demonstrated at DevCon.

Catalyst SMTP Example
This is a hand-coded Clarion program that uses the Catalyst SocketTools SMTP DLL to send an email message.
C55 Demo Application
This is a wizarded Clarion 5.5 beta 1 application that demonstrates using Catalyst to send an email from a Clarion web application.

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