AD7KV APRS Track – 7 July 2007

This map plots APRS data sent by Scott Grimmett (AD7KV) during an amateur radio communication test on 7 July 2007. We were testing radio propagation along the course to be used for the (Idaho) Panhandle Public Health Foundation's Pedalin' for Public Health bike ride scheduled for 25 August 2007. AD7KV and two other amateur radio operators rode the 15-mile course on bicycles for the test.

AD7KV carried an APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) kit consisting of a TinyTrak APRS encoder with a "hockey puck" GPS receiver, a 2-meter HT, and a battery.

This map showed all packets received from AD7KV during the test. You can also view the raw APRS data or view a plot of the data in Google Earth.

The map was built on an older version of the Google Maps API and no longer functions. Someday ... it will get migrated to OpenStreetMap or a newer version of Google Maps.

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